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Our Company

Founded in 2019 Pear Tree Labs is a consulting business that connects ideas with capital, expertise and facilitates access to ecosystems as we know access to these ecosystems drives business growth.  We provide commercialisation expertise for start-ups and established businesses alike looking to broaden their footprint domestically and in Asia.

Image by Joey Kyber
Image by Lennart Jönsson


  • Integrity is not negotiable

  • We embrace quality and craftsmanship and believe it is execution that ultimately defines us

  • It is our belief that the status quo should always be questioned and we are energised supporting founders having a go!

  • Collaboration is our default approach to engagement and we value diversity and inclusion 

  • We are accountable for our legacy and endorse and promote sustainable initiatives

  • Our bias is towards action and we are straight talkers who pursue the facts

Our Beliefs

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